Accessible cinema screenings via subtitles & audio description provide social benefits such as equality, inclusion and community integration. For a few hours, people with hearing or sight loss are not disabled. The disabling barrier is removed.

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Supported by the UK film industry

This year's Into Film Festival takes place from 8-24 November. It's the world's largest free film and education event for 5-19 year olds, presenting 3,000 free cinema screenings, and showcasing over 140 films at more than 600 venues across the UK. Around 10% of shows are subtitled.

Each year in the UK hundreds of children are born with significant hearing or sight loss. Thanks to the inclusion of subtitled and audio-described shows, the IntoFilm Festival will enable many young people with hearing or sight loss to enjoy the cinema experience with their peers. For some it will be the first time they can share the enjoyment of discussing the film afterwards. For all it will be an exciting, welcoming, inclusive and accessible day out with their friends.

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