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with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery

Exhibitors & distributors: On behalf of many, THANKS for enabling film fans with hearing loss to ENJOY rather than endure the cinema experience.

Accessible subtitled/captioned titles & shows remove the disabling barrier, which helps to achieve greater inclusion and community integration, inspiring more cinema visits. In 2019, an audience of film fans with hearing loss, many accompanied by family/friends, helped generate more than a million cinema admissions from mostly off-peak English-language captioned shows. Attendance has tripled over the last decade.

Accessible, inclusive shows benefit people of all ages. Each year in the UK, hundreds of children are born with significant hearing loss. It's estimated that more than ten million, including thousands of young people, have hearing loss. Our society is ageing, and with ageing, loss of some hearing is inevitable. Access to film - via captions - is something that we may all appreciate, eventually.

The virtuous circle of accessible, inclusive cinema.

“Accessibility is perhaps not the most exciting area of film, but to help people that need a little assistance can be very fulfilling. Knowing that a deaf child can follow the latest superhero or animated adventure on the big screen with their friends makes one feel good!”

Originally a grass-roots, social outreach initiative to help deaf children to socialise at cinemas with their families and friends, today audience-development agency YourLocalCinema is run by one of those helped. In 2004 it began to collaborate with BFI, exhibitors and distributors to help build a new cinema audience. YourLocalCinema’s detailed, precisely-targeted local promotion of captioned films and trailers to its unique, opt-in customer database of film fans with hearing loss now helps to drive tens of thousands of customers to more than 600 UK & Ireland cinemas each week.

This niche audience expects an accessible service. The multi-award-winning trusted-brand YourLocalCinema service is run by a deaf person and incorporates text messaging, email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, as well as a smartphone app, captioned trailers channel on YouTube, and a very active website which served more than a million visits last year.

Providing great customer service and engagement has ensured the loyalty of a large and appreciative customer base, which in turn has driven revenue to distributors & cinemas, which has helped to ensure a regular supply of accessible titles and improved provision of accessible shows.

A successful UK film industry virtuous circle.


YourLocalCinema continues to collaborate with distributors, cinemas, and organisations/charities/social media influencers in the field of hearing loss/access/inclusion, to inform those not yet aware that cinema CAN be accessible, inclusive and welcoming to film fans with hearing loss.

Thanks to the financial support of BFI and UK film distributors, including Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Lionsgate, EOne and many more, YourLocalCinema’s services are FREE* to cinemas and their audiences. Film distributors continue to commission caption and narration tracks for every major release, enabling cinemas to offer accessible, inclusive shows from release date.

*Donations welcome! Helping to put bums on seats takes time. And time costs money. A non-profit service, YourLocalCinema provides very good value to the industry. At a cost equivalent to around £1 per week/per cinema, or 3p from each captioned ticket issued, one day of annual 'accessible' box office keeps YourLocalCinema running for a year! Like to help? please get in touch:

The YourLocalCinema website & app receive more than a million visits annually. Feedback clearly indicates that opportunities to attend accessible, inclusive captioned shows are very much appreciated by many. Click here for a selection of positive experiences from film fans who we have helped to discover - or rediscover - the joys of cinema-going:

Recent feedback from YourLocalCinema users:

@WarwickADavis (Star Wars actor) "What a brilliant service! Respect to you for taking the time to make cinema accessible to all" (Retweeted to 685,000)

"When I was 10, my Dad and I enjoyed the Star Wars prequels trilogy in the cinema. For a while, our big screen Star Wars experience and a pizza afterwards made Christmas complete. When it was announced that there was to be a new trilogy, my dad and I looked forward to re-living our old Father-Son bonding day. Since then I've become almost totally deaf (thanks meningitis). One of my worries was missing Star Wars at the cinema with my Dad! He watched the old ones with his dad too. So I'm writing to say thanks really, for SUBTITLED Star Wars shows! May the Force be with you guys"

@TNLUK The National Lottery "@yourlocalcinema It's great to see your project continue to grow! You're doing some great work! Brilliant cause! Thanks ... keep up the good work"

“Absolutely couldn’t do without subtitles, have relied on them since this website started! … Subtitled cinema isn’t just about seeing the latest films, it’s about date nights, being included in office chat about new releases, and just having a choice"

“Nearly 20 years ago, I remember finding out from about subtitled shows of the first Lord of the Rings film at Uxbridge. I travelled all the way across London on the Tube to see it. Now, my best friend and I go the cinema every month, and I publicise your service with every sign-language student I teach – thank you!”

“Brilliant! Been visiting your website for years and have now downloaded the app, just as easy to roam. Love the subtitled trailers, keep up the good work!”

The year in review:
Which films did UK audiences choose to see, talk about and share this year? The FDA Yearbook offers a snapshot:



YourLocalCinema is proud to work with cinemas and film companies to help ensure that people with sensory loss can enjoy the cinema experience. YourLocalCinema is extremely grateful to financial supporters:

Film Distributors' Association and UK film distributors
The FDA is the trade body representing film distributors that account for over 95% of UK cinema admissions. Warner Bros., Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Parmount, Sony and many more. The major distributors ensure that all of their films are accessible to cinema-goers with hearing or sight loss. The FDA has supported YourLocalCinema since 2004.

FDA, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London, UK   •


BFI - British Film Institute
The BFI is the lead body for film in the UK with the ambition to create a flourishing film environment in which innovation, opportunity and creativity can thrive. It has supported YourLocalCinema since 2004.

BFI, 21 Stephen Street, London W1T 1LN   •


Cobweb Solutions
Cobweb is the number one Cloud Solutions provider in Europe and the power behind our website. As Microsoft's 2017 Partner of the Year, it has been providing uninterrupted 24/7 internet & email services to customers for 20 years, and continues to be a trusted adviser to thousands of customers worldwide. The company is internationally recognised and has won many industry awards, including 'best small business solution in western Europe' and ISP Awards 'Best Application Service'. It has supported YourLocalCinema since 2004.

Cobweb Solutions, Delme Place, Cams Hall Estate, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8UX   •


Launched February 2002, Screentrade, a quarterly publication, covers all aspects of International Cinema Exhibition, Film Distribution and Global Cinema Supply. It enjoys a wide readership including cinema industry executives at all levels, also technical and managerial decision-makers, industry-wide. Screentrade - headquartered in London, England, along with offices also in the USA and Russia - quickly established a reputation for getting to the heart of industry matters – among them the digital, piracy, windows and accessibility debates – and remains at the cutting-edge of all key industry issues to date.

Screentrade also produces SID (The Screentrade International Directory) the industry’s ONLY annual ‘Yellow Pages’ directory for global supply to Exhibition.

Screentrade Media Ltd, PO Box 144, Orpington, Kent BR6 6LZ, UK   •

IFDNRG servers help power the YourLocalCinema audio & video files. It provides services to a wide range of online content covering music, live sports, corporate events, agency campaigns and more. It has supported YourLocalCinema since 2004.

IFDNRG, 127 Rose Street, South Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 4BB   •


An award winning service.

The YourLocalCinema website & information service has been successful in winning some high-profile awards voted for by the public and its peers in the UK film industry. Winning awards helps to spread awareness of 'accessible' cinema.

Winner: The BKSTS 'Samuelson' Award recognises and rewards the efforts & achievements of companies that have embraced technology or enhanced accessibility to ensure that cinema exhibition is available to all people.

Winner: The Daily Mail 'People's Choice' Enterprise Award. The event, hosted by the Institute of Directors, recognises people who have turned their ideas into reality. Thousands of Daily Mail newspaper readers voted for the twenty finalists and YLC received the most votes overall.

Winner: The @diversity European 'Access Culture' Award. Implemented by the European Commission and presented at the EU Culture Forum in Brussels, the awards celebrate innovative ways of using technology to make culture more accessible across Europe. More than 250 projects were submitted.

Winner: The Barco 'Innovation in Cinema' Award. Part of the 'Raam Awards', which recognise and reward the efforts & achievements of people working in the UK film industry.

Winner: The British Telecom 'Remote Workers' Award honours people who manage to run a successful business without an office, using mobile technology. Judges selected the winner based on the company that demonstrated how remote working had created the greatest positive impact.

Finalist: The National Lottery Awards recognise the difference that lottery-funded projects have made to local communities. YLC beat hundreds of projects, with many thousands of votes, to make the finals. The ceremony was broadcast live, primetime, on BBC1, exposing millions of people to YLC's audience development work, and accessible cinema in general.

Nominated: Cinema Marketing Campaign of the Year, 2018 Screen Awards. Run by Screen International, the awards recognise excellence in UK film marketing, publicity and brand partnerships, acknowledging the teams and individuals that contribute to the success of the British film industry.



Accessible shows provide social benefits such as equality, inclusion and community integration. For a few hours, the disabling barrier is removed. There were more than a million admissions to accessible shows last year!

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